Friday, December 23, 2005

Tomorrow is D-day...

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and in most people's lives it is a happy day...not me...we always visit the inlaws on Christmas Eve and it is hell...I am dreading it. We are going over first thing in the morning this year...DH lied to his mother that he has to work at least we will be out of there by 2pm...

I know it is bad to lie to her, but I already feel physically ill about having to go over there and see her...Ian feels the same. It is a task, and one we dread at Christmas and any other time throughout the year we have to see her. We can't even go to other family events that she might attend.

After that though, we are going to church with my sister and her crew and then to her house for a non-traditional Christmas lasagna dinner! LOL! We might watch a few movies or something. BIL's brother will be there too, Ian and I used to work with him, so we all know each other. The kids can play and wear themselves out. Won't stay late, 'cause Santa has work to do...reindeer tracks to leave in the snow, and cookies to eat!

Anyways, in case I get behind in the blog over the weekend, just wanted to send a few wishes along:

1) Happy Birthday to Ellen !
2) Merry Christmas to everyone here in Manitoba!
3) Merry Christmas to my friend Jacquie, who I miss dearly!
4) Merry Christmas to my grandfather who passed away last month...we will all miss you this year...
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