Thursday, December 22, 2005

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Finally had time to post the pics from Noah's pre-school party...cause I know you are all interested--NOT! LOL!

Noah didn't do much singing..but the kids looked soo cute singing together in a could tell they wanted to run and see their parents, but couldn't.
Stayed up a little last few nights to finish some LOs for my BOM. I like how they turned the bright colours. Here they are:

Not too much going on in our house today...if I have time...and I will, I wanna work on another BOM layout to get caught up...I think just 2 more left. Need to find a high school picture that is worthy! LOL! I love doing these LOs so is so different than doing ones of the boys or Kirby! This is going to be a fun book for me!

Anyways, 2 more sleeps till the big guy comes! Happy HO HO HO!!!
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