Monday, February 20, 2006

Dr. Phil

So, I don't usually watch Dr. Phil much, but today the TV was on as I was packing up some scrap stuff and trying to organize...Today's topic was 'Bitchiness'.

I must say, there were some BITCHY people on that show today, I was surprised to find out that some of them are married...and they have kids who are starting to be just as bitchy as they are. Why can't they see how they are acting!? Jeepers...some people.

Anyway, February has flown by so quickly! March is right around the corner, which is GREAT, as my blog lurking buddy is making the long drive from Edmonton to the Peg with her 3 kids--brave woman...for spring break! Let's all hope the weather keeps up well, and NO big snow storms! It will be great to see each other again and share a Gondola Pizza....I know, I am a traitor! LOL!

BTW...Winnipeggers--don't you just LOVE Gondola Pizza? So greasy and delicious....mmm....I am getting hungry!

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