Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New house?

I am in trouble. I want a new house. Ian made the mistake of opening the door to this idea this weekend...he took me to the parade of homes.


Can we afford a new house right now...NO. When I go back to work...not quite... In a year...YES.

So, there is a new development being built close to here and close to my parents...but far enough for no drop in visits all the Anyway, we would love to move there. There are even plans for a new school to be built in that area. I know exactly what I want in a house. I can picture it in my mind. We will get a lot more for this house than what we paid for it. Almost the full amount that we paid for it, in fact. I figure this is our opportunity. Ian AGREES! (shocking)

Now, we are agree that we need to fix up a few things around here, that NEED to be done and finished (off Ian's to be done list) to sell this house in the future. Maybe next spring.

Don't get e wrong, this house is OK...a good starter for sure. BUT, since the plan was to live here 5 years, and we are almost on 8---it is time. I wanna do it before Noah gets to Kindergarten next year, but we will see....

I love to dream. Ain't life grand....

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