Saturday, April 15, 2006

As Luck would have it...

I have been LUCKY!

I suppose you could say that April is now officially my lucky month!

Here is how I have come to this conclusion. Every April, a shift happens in our bank see for some reason, it always occurs in April..don't know just does!

So, this month, we were fortunate enough to get a fairly considerable income tax cheque(s), I won $55 in lotto tickets (which I NEVER purchase, but did on a whim the other day), I won $25 in GC to Love Is In The Details store from Janet's contest, $30 in poker last night, and today someone RAK'd me $15 to Love Is In The Details store....WOWSERS!

PLUS, even better, I have one layout in the monthly e-zine .

So, I guess you could say I am having a good day.

And May isn't looking too shabby yet either....I have a layout in PaperArt coming out, National Scrapbook Day, and of course, the Brandon Crop will be a blast!


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