Friday, April 07, 2006


Man, it feels like forever since I actually sat down and blogged. Not posted layouts, just blogged about life, etc. So, since I have not been able to scrap the last few days, I will blab at ya for now.

Been busy, spent 7 hours yesterday making a retirement slideshow in Proshow Gold for my Uncle's party tomorrow night. I LOVE doing this almost as much as scrapping. Still learning the program, but lovin' setting the pics up to music, adding quotes,etc. kinda like making a mini-album digitally! It is cool. I wish I could do it as a job sometimes. You know, wedding, birth, retirement, memorial, birthday, etc...I think it would be cool!

Finally dragged my butt out today to go shopping for Ian's b-day next weekend. Ran around here and there and picked up some stuff. Went to Costco, and was horrified at a conversation with an employee there. Some people just have no tact or customer service skills.

Tomorrow is another busy day. Man, it seems like they come in spurts. First day of swimming for the boys. Lucas' first time, so that should be sweet. Looking forward to that. Noah has a b-day party and then the retirement thing later on. Have to go early and help my ma set up!

Can't wait for Sunday when things slightly calm down, and I can get some scrapping done!

Can't believe April is almost gone, and that May is around the corner! I love May--new beginnings to come!

Have a good weekend!

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