Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm back!

Had a decent time at the crop this weekend!

Here is the run down:

* The company was wonderful, lots of laughs, stories and inspiration happening. Definately felt some mojo at our table! Some great work done by all!

* I was shocked to have won 1st place in a layout contest for a layout I did of Kirby, and 2nd place for one I did of my niece! Cool.Flattering.Awesome. Prizes are OK.

* Goodie bags alright, not my speed of stuff, but can't please everyone. Lori at Love Is In The Details had set the bar high at her crop, so, it was tough to top that

* A little dissapointed in the 'class' I was supposed to take. Left that early

* Shopping was pretty good. Some good sales. Wallet hurts a little today!

* Had a great time catching up with my roomies....laughed, told secrets, played Truth or Dare....SOME people were too chicken to be dared. BOK BOK.

* I have discovered that grape flavoured coolers are yummy

* I love Big Bertha my sewing machine. She is definately a head turner. Lots of visitors came by to see what the H we were doing with her on our layouts! Used her lots....glad we found room in the car for her.

* Crop raised over $8500 for charity. That was WAY cool.

Will post my layouts tomorrow. Too tired tonight.

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