Monday, June 12, 2006

A sad day today

for me. Dropped the boys off at daycare today for the first time. Makes me sad. For a few obvious reasons:

1) I go bad to work in a week
2) Someone else will get to see my boys more than me during the day
3) I will miss them dearly
4) I will miss a lot of moments, that I can't get back

So, WHY do I not stay home you may ask?

I would love to....really I would. But we have some debt. Truth be told, it is not too pretty, but we can get out of it. The thing is, we didn't really plan the whole kid/daycare/quit the job thing before we had the boys and now...well it is a little too late. Gotta waste cash keeping them in daycare so that I can go to work to help get that debt gone. A few years of determination will pay off...and by then they will be in school.

Life sucks sometimes. Wish I were able to see the future sometimes, so I can understand what the repurcussions of my choices are....what can you do? Well, I can make the most of every moment. Live each day to the fullest. Enjoy my kids when I can. Live live.

Onto a much happier topic.

Today is the start of anniversary celebrations over at Love Is In The Details. A way cool scrapbooking site. Daily prizes and projects. You must participate to win some of Lori's Lovely Things. Kinda like the whole Oprah thing--hmmm, wonder if she is giving away a car? *grin*

Nope, no car--but at the end of the week, all participants will have a chance to win one of 2 Making Memories tote bags--HOW COOL IS THAT!

What I wouldn't do to win wone of those. So, you all KNOW I will be participating. That tote would save me in the whole crop-packing department!

So, hope to see you all there--participate and chat with us!

But, oh yeah...Let me win the tote...K?

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