Monday, August 28, 2006


We are all moved in. Kinda. A big mess around here really.

Been busy. Arguing with work about whether or not I have holidays this year...well actually it is more like how many holidays I have. I say 15 days, they say 8. Nice. Having to fight for your rights after 17 years of service...brutal.

Work still sucks. Hoping to use whatever holiday time I do have to find a job and paint a couple rooms in the house if I can. Don't know how much longer I can hang in there. The pay is good, great in fact, but at what cost.

Anyways, feeling a little bummed lately. All work related.

On a positive note....SERIOUSLY PICK UP THE NEW LIITD KIT! It ROCKS MY WORLD!!!! I think I ended up with 16--yes 16 different things done with it. I loved it.

So grateful to be part of the DT on this site. I love the people and especially Lori and my co-DTer Vanessa. They are the most supportive and positive people I think I have ever met. Need more of that in my life.

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