Sunday, September 10, 2006

OMG! September already!

I can't believe it is already well into September.

Fifth anniversary of 9-11 and Noah's 4th birthday tomorrow. I am starting to feel really old.

Speaking of being old.....


Hope you have a great day!

In other news...

Trying desperately to scrap. Ian is watching football and the kids are down for a needed nap. You think it is possible...course not. I am totally blocked. Trying to work on a challenge or two I want to do, and can't find the mojo to get started. Have all the pics and paper is the trouble.

Trying to post pics from the party and blogger won't co-operate...grr.

Too many people all inside. Sucks that we don't have grass or a fence yet, cause I think we would have stayed outside more than we did. Plus, the babies were pretty small and that kept the new mom's indoors.

We played poker till 3am, so I am bushed today. MAybe that is why I can't get going on anything. Oh well, I am on vacation this week, so I KNOW I will get some mojo soon!!!


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