Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Suppose it is past time for an update. Been on vacation for the last couple weeks, and dreading going back to work on Monday. Truth be told, no point in blogging when there is nothing exciting to talk about...but here goes.

Did some painting around the house. Started with Noah's room...wanted a Cars theme, so I painted the walls blue...not thrilled with the way it turned out, but Noah seems to like it, so I guess that is what it is all about. Managed to get it painted while he was at preschool, and he had no idea I was doing it, so it was a surprise. Made his bed with the sheets and comforter he got for his birthday, and put up some posters I got at Wallyworld and voila...Cars room. Course now, there are Cars borders at Home Depot...but oh well. As long as he likes it I am happy! Just have to make some checkerboard curtains and then I am 100% done! Here are a few pics:

Next project was to paint our bedroom and master bathroom. Really lovin the whole blue/brown went and bought this simple brown duvet cover from ... Walmart...yes, I know...but I like it!

Anyway, picked up these funky fabrics at the fabric store. Rectangle fabric is the curtain fabric, and the flowered one will be two bolsters for the bed. Painted the room blue...turned out brighter than I thought. Tried something new on the walls...and first attempt didn't work, so I am on the lookout for another idea. Will post pics when that is done! I do like the colour of the bathroom though. Love it in fact.

Anyways, that is it for me...boring life I lead...check you later!


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