Monday, March 26, 2007

hello blog readers

first of all, thanks for the nice comments. been in the dumps lately, as if you couldn't tell.... snicker.

so, what's new with me. not a whole lot. just wrapped up my Monday Night Mystery Layout on LIITD.... was a quick one...

Here it is:

Haven't been up to much lately. Just working, hanging out at home and scrapping. Not feeling the big mojo lately...hope that turns around this weekend....going scrapping on Friday...usually it kicks into gear by then.

Gonna be a slow week at work. Weather is nice and who wants pizza when you could drag out the BBQ in this weather hey!

Watching Dancing with the that show. Wish I could dance like that. If only I had a few more hours in the day to learn how to.

Would also like to start swimming...lap swimming. I am not a workout person. going to the gym would be like pulling teeth. BUT, I think I could really get into the whole lap swimming thing. I hear it is good for ya.

You never know what could happen. May have to give it a try one night after work when DH is home.

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