Tuesday, August 28, 2007


OK, time for a quick update.

1) Scrapbooking.

Just awating my copy of the fall issue of Canadian Scrapbooker. I am in there with a 2 pager highlighting Love Is In The Details monthly kits. Stoked about that!

Here is this week's Pencil Lines sketch. Lovin' doing these. Helped get me out of a creative rut I have been in.

Did a little something for Canadian Scrapbooker's inspiration challenge too. Took a Heidi Swapp mask, my sewing machine and a lot of time...I think it turned out ok. Not the greatest picture of it though.

2) Work.

Finally talked to a lawyer today. Turns out I have a case for "Constructive Dismissal". Kinda what I thought. Have heard the term before, looked it up and WHAM. Exactly what is happening to me.

So, got me some good advice.....will see what unfolds for me.

3) Job Hunt.

Meeting with a few recruiters this week. Hoping they can help me get this job search under control. Man, seriously, it is like I have a fourth job now! (Pizza Hut, scrapping, parenting and job hunting... LOL) If you have any job related tips for me... I will take them! It has been...um, 18 years since I looked for a job? Don't even know where to start!


That is it for now...I will leave you of my new cute skull shoes. Now, I am not normally a shopper, or a shoe person... but seriously, these are too stinkin' cute!

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