Tuesday, November 06, 2007

who am i kidding..

i don't have time for blogging...


Really, I don't..

Let's see what's new.

New job

New life style

New sense of being tired -- lol

New beginnings

Started my new job -- it is okay...the job itself is fine, pretty easy, but i really wanted to avoid b.s. for at least a little while. Nope.

New boss sucks.

So, still exploring my options!

Been busy scrapping away...got my Nov. Kit from Love Is In The Details and DROOL. Been a scrapping maniac with it! Throwing glitter and paper around is a great way to spend your weekend!!!

On the home front...we are having some crucial moments of excitement in our house.

Noah has his first loose tooth.
Noah is lovin' kindergarten and although he is having trouble with one boy at school (trust me, he is not completely innocent), the teacher says he is quite smart and progressing very well for his age.
We are taking him to another eye specialist appointment at the end of November-- hoping the patching is working along with his new lense.

Lucas is as cute as ever.
We are in full potty training mode. Today was day 1 of NO ACCIDENTS all day. *clap*clap*clap
Loved going out trick or treating, was so stoked to be Elmo this year.
He is talking a mile a minute -- wonder where he gets that from ;)

Well, that is it for my boring life.

Nick out
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