Sunday, December 16, 2007


don't fall off your chairs.

yes, i am still alive.

just been busy.

finally felt like i had a few minutes to blog today.

christmas is getting closer. i am excited this year. both boys get it. that is the coolest thing. the whole "i am gonna call santa" threat works great.


not a whole lot going on in my world actually.

life is pretty boring in my world.

i only have to work 4 days this week, and then i am off until jan.7/08. what's a girl to do?

hmmm...let's see...

paint the stairway in the house
paint lucas' bedroom
fix up a comforter for lucas
sleep in

yeah, nothing is going to happen. i will be scrapping the days away. well, at least as long as the kids allow me to.

WW update. the last two weeks, I have fallen off the wagon. really dissapointed in myself.

i was doing SO well.

lost over 30 pounds.

and now, i am off the wagon.

going to the meeting tomorrow, thank god. need to climb myself out of the ditch and get on the horse again.

need to do it for me.
no one else.

happy christmas.

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