Sunday, January 20, 2008

chilly willy winterpeg

yep, winter is all around us now. it is frigid and freezing beyond belief.

you would think i would be used to it by now, after 34 years in this ice cube of a city..but no. not me.

what have i been doing to keep busy?

scrapping of course. not a whole lot else to do. tv is boring lately...damn writer's strike... that is until BB9 starts and Surivor again too.

not a whole lot to report these days. life is a **yawner**...but at least nothing bad is going on.

this weekend, my parents are heading off for a cruise for 2 weeks -- which makes me the dog-sitting designate. Yep, little Max will be a house guest at our place. Last time... it didn't go too well. He took off twice and I had to chase him down the street in my PJs. Thank goodness this year we have a

why can't i win the lottery and afford to go on a nice trip every couple of years?

and yes, DH is talking about going to disney soon... i am sure all you disney freaky friends of mine are happy to hear that....but he wants to wait until both boys can remember it forever...and he only wants to go once. pretty firm on that...once.

so, start telling me about all the great deals i can find, so i can make it a reality sooner than later...and yes...*sigh* i joined the disboards...just haven't pondered there yet.

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