Monday, July 14, 2008

OK, so it has been a month

since I posted on the ol' bloggie. Sorry.

As usual, blogging gets neglected to the daily toils of life with 2 kids and my scrapping addiction!

Been working on the July kit for Love Is In The Details. LOVED IT!!! If you haven't already snatched it up -- RUN , do not walk to the shopping page...well, not tonight, as we are having technical server problems...but later on, or tomorrow -- GET IT!

I loved it so much, I used all my DT stuff AND ordered more. Let me tell you -- the journalling cards. YUMMY!

What else. Well, I have a secret...or two...of which will all unravel over the next couple months. One secret at a time.

Finally got a call to interview for the federal government last week. Passed it! :) Going for a final testing soon....cross your fingers. I want this job badly. Would be my equivalent to winning the lottery.
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