Friday, November 07, 2008

been a while huh?

Been thinking of taking down the blog...not a lot that I find particularly exciting about my life, that you would all want to read, or most of you haven't already read on Love Is In The Details.

At any rate, I am gonna TRY to post at least once and a while ...just to shock you all.

On the scrapping front, I have been getting back into the swing of things, slowly finding my mojo, that was lost in early I have been busy shopping.. :), so that is a good sign...just need to put it all to good use now!
Have a couple friends coming over this weekend to scrap, so that should help a lot! Been a while since we all were together scrapping.

On the baby front, all is good. Still getting bigger slowly...which is good, just hope I don't gain 50 lbs. like I did with Lucas. Picked out a paint colour for the baby's room, it is called Honey Bird ... it's an orangy-yellow colour. Goes well with this rag quilt that I bought at the farmer's market this summer....has some teal, green and yellow/orange in it. Will have to put DH to good use now, and push him to paint it. We really need to start getting all that baby stuff organized...I know, we have lots of time, but for those that know me well.. know that I hate last minute things.

Also, got my c-section scheduled..March 2 at 7:45 am...bright and early... so, although it is pretty clinical to know exactly when you ar having a baby -- it is good for planners like me, to get the kids and DH organized for the week I will be in the hospital.

That is enough for one day, I think...much more to come...including some layouts, if I can ever get my photoshop to work properly again!!!

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