Saturday, January 17, 2009


Still feeling yucky with a head cold. Stayed home from work yesterday which helped a little, but man, the night/early morning is the worst. I can't talk first thing in the morning...which I know some of you think would be a good

I did discover Puffs Kleenex with Vicks on it...let me tell you, you can actually feel the vicks on your nose a little after you use it. I got it free with the other kleenex I bought, so, I gave it a try.. It totally smells like Vicks too, lol.

Enough rambling...

Spent last night working on a page...likin' how it turned out. Wish now, that I had the MM Fa la la slice cartridge I used a bunch of snowflakes and it would have been perfect for it... oh well...I hear they are coming out with 20+ new slice cartridges this year...and I can't wait to see what is on them! I definately want a scripty font for sure.

Here are a few cards I made this week from a sketch from CardPatterns.

I am really getting into making cards with all my scraps etc. from my scrapping! What better way to utilize your stash !
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