Sunday, October 18, 2009

I am back!!

Back from Sin City that is!

Had a great trip to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Did lots of stuff.. I mean TONS!! My head hurts thinking about it!

* Two Cirque Du Soleil shows (Love and Zumanity)
* Hoover Dam
* Gambling
* Big ass drinks
* Freemont Street
* Eiffell Tower ride - what a view
* TONS AND TONS of walking and walking ...
* more drinking
* more gambling
* Saw Carrot Top (not a nice looking man)
* Elvis and Marilyn
* CSI Experience
* Bodies exhibition
* Shopping.. um, outlet malls and Target.. HELLO! :)

Here are a few quick pics of our trip... in no particular order... I can't believe I didn't take more. I thought I was taking tons and it turned out I only took about 400 .. Sorry Vee... photo CD of what I have coming your way VERY SOON.
The travellers in downtown Vegas

The Bellagio conservatory

Outside the Venetian (our hotel)

I met Heff at the Wax Museum

A trip to Hoover Dam

More of the Bellagio glass flower ceiling

The Bellagio water show at night

not to mention the fabulous view from on top the Paris hotel
Lots of night shots. ... :)

Well, back to the ol' routine again!!
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