Friday, April 23, 2010

This week I...

1) scrapped two pages
2) got some good news
3) got some bad news
4) realized the good was better than the bad!
5) was asked to be a GDT somewhere ;)
6) rode my bike 5 times
7) took some photos
8) bought a birthday gift
9) made dinner every night
10) lost 4 lbs.
11) rolled the windows down in my car
12) slept badly
13) took the kids to swimming
14) took the kids to the park 3x
15) answered emails
16) set up a board meeting
17) sent out minutes
18) got photos developed
19) packed for a crop
20) ate healthy
21) had diet pepsi with lime everyday
22) broke out the flip flops
23) wore capris
24) was asked to do something else exciting and scrappy soon
25) started my first Couture Cardstock assignments
26) worked on Mission to Create secret stuff ;)
27) brought lunch to work everyday
28) ate breakfast everyday
29) denied myself a slurpee
30) made it to the end of the week!

HAVE a great weekend!
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