Thursday, October 21, 2010

I really am alive...

.. promise.. I have been super duper busy on the homefront lately. Sometimes I feel like overwhelmed with everything I have going on....the kids, the full time job and the hubby..the basement renos and the housework, the boards I am on, plus the crocheting and card making and fitting in the scrapbooking too!

Been quite busy making my Halloween costume for Jocie's party next weekend.. it is nothing special, but I am enjoying the sewing aspect of it! My mom found me some old school patterns of jumpers and dresses that she made my sister and I YEARS ago... thinking of cracking one out and giving it a go for Addison... it would fit her soon.. funny how the pattern is almost the same size.. :)

Have I mentioned Just Add Sugar lately.....?? I finally had a chance to update the blog with some pics of the new stuff that Deborah and I have been making...our next project is to overhaul the blog, start our Etsy store and sell! We have been doing pretty decent at the farmer's market around Winnipeg, and we have a few craft sales this winter.. I need to stock up on crochet hats this winter so I don't spend so much time next summer crocheting! :) I sell a lot of hats... all going to our my Disney fund.

Anyways, I am hoping to blog more aboout life along with my crafty bits here and there... for those out there that read or did read this blog for more than just pages posted :)

On my mind NOW:

Chocolate is good
Love the new laptop
Hate the wireless router
Finally talked to the union today, a little stressed over that
Board stuff on a Friday night? Am I crazy or just stupid. lol
What I wouldn't give to be a size 10 again
Need sleep

What's on your mind :)
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