Friday, December 16, 2011

wow, it's the middle of December.

This month has flown by - it seems like just yesterday I posted about the beginning of Christmas!

Needless to say - Christmas aside, this has been a busy month for us in our house. Emotionally draining, and adding Christmas into the mix has made it physically draining too!

For those who know me well, they know - well, I am a planner. I make lists, get things accomplished - I just get stuff done.  I hate being late, missing a deadline and feel so much guilt or anxiety as one comes looming near if I am not done!

This is why I get things done early. For example, Christmas shopping. HATE IT.

Yes, I am a female - and I basically hate shopping. In stores that is. Online, I am fine with :) I hate the pushyness at the malls and stores this time of year.  It is so sad that everyone is hustling and pushy and some even down right mean.. that is certainly not what the holidays are about. So - I avoid the malls and the stores like the plague, by shopping early - yes, I miss out on lots of deals - and buying online. WHY?

1) It is much less of a hassle. No pushing, no shoving. In and out
2) I get the gifts I want. No need to waste times driving around looking for something that is potentially sold out everywhere.
3) A lot of the stores have online shipping for free or cheap this time of year. Sometimes all that gas wasted driving around is just not worth it!
4) Have you ever dragged 3 kids with you Christmas shopping = not fun. :)

So, I am done - all the gifts purchased and wrapped. Yes, done. All the baking done. It is time for this busy mama to rest and relax and enjoy some peace. Sit in front of the tree with some egg nog and watch a good holiday movie.

But, first,  I wanted to share with you a quick holiday card I made a long time ago for Jillibean Soup for CHA using Christmas Eve Chowder:

PEACE to you all :)

May the holidays be much less hustle and bustle and much for peaceful!
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