Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The daliy grind

yep, I am feeling a lot of the daily grind these days - I snuck my camera into work a while back and took a few shots of my desk and my everyday... The My Scrapbook Nook's april kit was perfect for these photos! I particularly love that cork paper from the Crate Paper - Storyteller line :) I am loving making an arrowy/chevron pattern these days.. and it is really simple too.. Just cut a piece of paper whatever thickness you want..then bend it together and cut on an angle.. :) I know, I should have been a brain surgeon right... lol

I have been not feeling very scrappy or talkative lately.. the weather has improved my mood a little, but for whatever reason - I have no mojo !! I just want to sleep all day long :) Ever feel like that!?

I am excited to go scrapping this weekend with my bestie Vanessa - she is a postive and happy person. good to me... and be around.. can't wait!! Let's hope Mr. Mojo returns before then... and brings me a couple pizza boxes this week that I am expecting too :) That will help!
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