Monday, September 16, 2013

Jillibean Soup cards

I'm back quickly today to share a few cards I made using lots of Jillibean Soup goodies.

First up is this card I made for my son's teacher this year. He happens to have the same teacher as his older brother did twice... so we thought we would give her a little hello :)


I am getting in the habit of making generic cards - ones that you can use just because and so I made this one, using some of the great Wise Words from Jillibean Soup ! (and did you know that they are written in handwriting based on THE Jill from Jillibean Soup)

School is in full swing now, which means back to school BBQs, Parent Council meeting for me, indoor soccer, swimming and Addison started dance this past weekend! Yeah, you could say we are busy :)
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