Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday deep thoughts

Happy Monday!!

If you are at all like me, you are not a Monday person. For me, it's getting up at 5:30 am for work, and like gets busy again. I get a little reprieve from the hectic life on Sundays and so Mondays are always a killer for me.

I am interested in your opinion today on a particular scrapbook related subject - the LIFT.

Recently, I have come across several pages that remind me a lot of some of my work. I think it's great if someone is inspired by something I have done and how I have done it. What I don't think is great, if it is realy too similar.

In my eyes a "lift" of a project is one where someone gets an idea from something you have done and takes it - makes it their own. What I don't think is a "lift" is when someone does what you did, and either uses the same products, and colours, when using something you did. That to me is copying and not "lifting".

Now, truth be told, I really do believe that no one has 100% their own ideas. People are inspired by a lot of things these days, especially with Pinterest being so big right now.

Also, I am not saying I am all so fabulous that people want to create like me - in fact, I think my way of crafting scrapbook pages is different enough that people just can't figure it out and don't like it.

Anyway - I am not here today to out anyone who has lifted my work. I am interested though, in people's thoughts on "scraplifting". Am I way off or on the money? When is a lift a lift? I really would love to hear what you think on the subject.
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