Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The new Bella Blvd Buzz Newsletter is out

2 posts in one day?? I know right... well I am back with good reason...The newest Bella Buzz newsletter is out now by Bella Blvd and I was happy to be asked to contribute a page this round.

Becki Adams and I were challenged to create a Spring themed page, using the new Lucky Starz collection and 3 different coloured Bella Blvd feathers.

Challenge accepted

Truth is, as soon as I saw the word "spring" I had an idea and then the idea popped in my head on how to use the different feathers in a unique way.

I also added some Bella Blvd stickers with a little clothespin and tons of strips of Lucky Stars paper in a rainbow pattern. I may have gone overboard with all those stars. In hindsight, I should have varied the patterns as there are some awesome B-sides that would have worked great. Oh well!

Here is my final page, I think it's pretty darn springy. I love all the bright rainbow colors in the Lucky Starz line!!

To sign up for the Bella Buzz newsletter - head over to the Bella Blvd blog or click HERE


Geri said...

Hey there fellow Manitoban! I have just discovered your blog via the Silhouette newsletter! Just about fell off my chair when I saw Winnipeg. I live in Dauphin...about 1 block away from Boris Nowosad (the fiddle player)...any relation to your hubby?

I just signed up to follow your blog! My sweet little Portrait has only been in my craft room for a couple of months, so I am anxious to learn everything I can!

Happy crafting!

Aline Marengo said...

What a beautiful page!
I loved you layout... Pretty!

a1983alaskan said...

A totally amazing page!! I've never had the urge to use feathers on my pages, but this sure makes me rethink that choice!! :-)