Friday, September 16, 2016

Shimelle Back to School theme

Good Morning!

I had a project up over on the Shimelle blog for a back to school theme and thought I would share it with you now!

I really love the idea of using comparison photos of the first day/last day of school for a base for the back to school theme. It is a great way to show the entire school year in a few snapshots for your album. I also love the idea of using 2 colors to contrast on the page to highlight each part of the school year, like I did on my page.

I kept everything similar on both sides of the page, swapping out blue for green, etc. It's a pretty clean and simple design for this page but allows me to fit in both photos and even a little bullet journaling from my boys' perspective on grade 5.

Overall, I really like the simple look that came together on this page! Super easy and a great way to really show how big he has gotten this past year... now he is off to middle school and totally ready for it!

Thanks for stopping in today!

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