Friday, January 13, 2006


I came acrosee these at the grocery store yesterday...I like the rice cake ones and I know they are fairly good for the WW points, so I thought, why not...

Well, if you haven't tried them--DO! They are super, duper yummy, crunchy and have a lot of flavour! There are no potato chips with that flavour! And the best part--only 7 points for the whole bag...that probably doesn't mean anything to non-WW people, but that is CHEAPO! I get 28 points per day, so when I wound up last night with 10 extra points left over after dinner, I ate the whole bag and a fat free white chocolate pudding and low fat cool whip! Who says everything that is BETTER for you, is tasteless! Not last night!

Anyways, got another layout done...but can't post it, 'cause it is for the crop next weekend! Char and I have pretty much everything done, and that is great! I just have to go over the prize packages with her and see where we wind up. Hopefully everyone will have a great time and crop a lot...that is the intention. It sure won't be as thrilling as the last crop that was held, but we are newbies to this...well at least I am!

Today, I am going cropping with Nola, so that should be good...get a few more layouts done, and then tomorrow I am cropping with the chickas again! What a hoot those ladies are! We always have a blast! Gonna bring my REAL sewing machine, as it has a handle and I seem to do a lot of layouts with it I know V is dying to get some sewing in! LOL!

So, today, I will ask what 2 things made you most happy today! Mine are:

1) DH let me sleep in till 11:00!!!
2) I am going scrapping for 14 hours in the next 48! Yippee!

Happy Friday! And happy case I am too busy scrapping to blog! LOL!
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