Thursday, March 09, 2006

Daycare search

I have been looking for a while now casually, and now hard core for the last 4 days for spots for the boys.

Can you believe that ALL the licensed daycares in the River East/Transcona school division have no spots for infants? and only a few have spots for pre-schoolers? Did I mention that the waiting lists I am on, now total 20? And that the wait for a spot for Lucas is 1.5-2 years long?

I am not going to split them up either...besides, if I can't get a spot for Lucas, why go back to work? I still have the old home daycare that Noah went to, to take them to...but I was hoping for an alternative. Guess, I am stuck with Linda.

On another note, got my goodies from Love Is In The Details today....HS fuzzy rub ons, flowers and a few sheets of patterned paper and an ink pad. Cool stuff. Can't wait to go cropping with Nola tomorrow now! Heading over to her cousins place to crop, as she doesn't have a sitter for her son...and we can't cancel cropping for that now, could we!

Plus, going to Costco tomorrow....lots of stuff to get there...we haven't had a good grocery shop in a while, so, look out bank account--here we come! Good thing, is that I can stock up on some healthy foods again. Was getting a little bleak!

Finished off a few layouts today, and this one is my I had to post it! How could you not love those guys!

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