Saturday, May 27, 2006

House hunting

So, I need to vent....went to meet with the real estate agent today to get a real price on the house we want to buy.

We have found a lot we love.

Great location for us.
Near my parents.
Good schools.
Great size yard.

So, we figure, let's price out the house and see what happens.

A lot more than we thought. And we are simple people. Didn't want a lot of the extras. Just some brick work on the outside, 1 piece shower/bath, piled foundation. That is it. We wanted to leave room for things like nicer flooring and countertops...and some new furniture. Ours is getting pretty rickety...couch is cracked and just getting run down. No bedroom suite, other than a boatload of misc. pieces.

Anyway, so it is more than we thought.

So we come home tonight after talking to my parents (dad was a bank manager for 25 years) to discuss. DH really wants the lot. We need ALOT of cash--liquid funds to keep it and sit on it. If we build a house, we can use this house as part of it....long story..not thrilling at all.

Anyways, we can afford it, kinda. It would basically be like living on EI like I have for the past year. Youcan get by, but no extras.

So,if we bought the house we dream of, that would mean:

Less cash for scrapping stuff
No cash for family trips
Less cash for extravagances
No on the spot purchases
No new furniture

Not alot extra.

Now, I realize that this all sounds REALLY selfish right now. I mean, people have ALOT less than us in this world. I know. I am sorry. I am a bad person. I am selfish when it comes to this.

All in all, not sure what to do. Going to call our bank again on Monday and see what the reality of the real monthly payment would be. That will help clear this up!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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