Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ah....remember me?

I am the person who started this blog?

Yeah, I didn't think you'd remember me...since it has been FOREVER since I posted anything.

Busy week, two babies born--both boys.

My friend Elena had Christian on July 5.
My sister Kim had Gavin on July 7.

Lucas had his first birthday on July 5. Can't believe he is one already. He is so big now, walking around causing trouble with his brother. More if you ask me, that is for sure.

Been packing like crazy, only a month or so left till we move. That will creep up quickly too, I am sure.

Work still sucks...what a shocker.

That is my life. BORING.

Need to find time to scrap more. It is just tough these days with me still adjusting to work. Not sleeping too well, so not exactly feeling the ol' mojo!

So, have a great back sooner..promise!

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