Tuesday, November 14, 2006


First of all...this music is special for Deb! LOL!

Actually, I think it is a nice song. Listen to the lyrics and it is really awesome.

So, not a lot to blog about. Been busy working and doing some Christmas projects for LIITD physical store! That is kinda cool. Can't wait to finish off and see how it all looks in real life together!

Can't believe that Christmas is around the corner once again. This year has especially flown by for some reason. I suppose it is because life gets busy with two kids and a full-time job. Not to mention a healthy scrapping addiction...lol...!

There have been so many challenges out there that I have wanted to participate in lately, but I just haven't had the time. Really need to get things a little more organized in my life, so I can get everything accomplished that I would like.

I want to get the rest of the house painted, curtains finished, blinds ordered, new chair for the living room, not to mention get Lucas into a toddler bed and all the scrap projects and classes I want to do!!!

Anyways, I updated my slide show for your viewing pleasure with my latest stuff.

Did I forget to say...



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