Sunday, March 25, 2007

What makes my world go round?

You would think this would be an easy question right?

So, when Dorrie posted this on LIITD today, I, I can update my blog and use the topic...that should be easy!

Yeah, right.

Maybe it is the mood I have been in for a few months now.
Questions like this are NOT easy for me.

Of course there are lots of things that make my world go round.

The usual suspects...My kids, my family, my art, and like most everyone I know, they are at the tops of my list. As for what else--to be perfectly honest, I really don't know!

A lot of simple things make my world spin. Some in good ways, but lately, more than not they are in negative ways. (Now, I don't want this to be a negative blog see, I am trying to learn by a good friend of mines example and be a "glass half full" girl. Yeah...not so easy for me.)

So, around and around my world spins....some days fast, and some days slow.

The fast days are days like the weekends, when I can leave "WORK" behind and all that associated BS that goes along with it. I can enjoy every minute with my family and just relax. Do stuff I love and unwind.

Then there are the sssllloooowww days. These, are the days when I wish the world would spin a little faster...these are filled with work dread, lack of self-confidence and the normal troubles of life--money, weight, career and all that nonsense.

What would make life go round a little easier? Well, that would be 5 day weekends, nothing but summer, being a size 10 and the ability to eat watermelon, ice cream and cheese year round and at whatever quantity I would desire.
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