Monday, March 31, 2008


has it been over a month already...sorry peeps...just suck at the whole blog thing apparently.

Tagged by Vanessa so here goes:

7 random things

1. I am too organized
2. I worry too muchwhat others think
3. Ketchup chips are the devil
4. So is the baconater. Damn Wendy`s
5. Continuing on my WW journey, although it is getting longer and harder to do
6. I need to find a new job again. Somewhere where I am appreciated and paid enought
7. I wish for 3...and I don`t mean on this list.

I tag -- Laura, Carole and Jocie!!

Have you been to LIITD lately...if not, get you butt over there!!!! Lori has had her butt busy working on a new format to the forums, and shopping page! Hell , the whole site...and some crafty chicka made a new banner, which I am particularly fond of... ;)

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