Wednesday, December 03, 2008

i found these yesterday on my hunt

for something to hang on the walls in the baby's room

I like the ladybug one...but it is too girly, i am thinking..guess I need to keep searching for ideas ...

i have also been searching etsy for cool baby stuff...and on the net for ideas for me to use on canvases..I think I am stuck on using them, as I have the colours picked out and in my stash. I found a cute elephant picture yesterday for one...and thought of an idea for the fabric for them..Just need 2 more images. Any ideas?

On other fronts..I have ANOTHER cold sore again, this is probably my 5th in about 4 months. If I don't get enough sleep...they pop right up. This time, at least I go with the holiday season, as it is right on the end of my nose. Lovely.

More later
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