Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good times

Went to the Dr. today...all is good in baby land. Time is ticking away now...after tomorrow, only 4 weeks + 1 day and 2 hours to Not that I am counting. :O)

Have been having some minor issues and told the Dr. about them...she sent me to the hospital...but no worries, all checked out Ok, 2 hours least I got out of my boring training session for 3.5 hours today. lol

Been trying to kick this cold I have had for a few days now...I got the lucky end of the stick, since Ian had bronchitis and Lucas had the croup....thankfully, all I ended up with was a head cold. And Noah...lucky bugger, he hasn't even had the smallest inkling of anything! WHEW, at least 1 of us is safe. :O)

Have some news to share soon, so stay tuned... ;)
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