Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tomorrow is THE day

Just one last blog post before I sign off for a few days or week as we prepare to go to the hospital tomorrow to have the baby!

The boys are excited, and of course so are we. They will be staying at my parent's most of the week, until we know when exactly I will be able to go home from the, Ian is working nights this week and, my mom has offered to help me out a lot. Aren't moms the best!!

Small problem -- we are still living in the land of cold season. All four of us are just getting over a cold..thankfully, we feel better today than we have in a lot of days -- however, my parents are not feeling so hot. They must have caught the bug from us. Hoping they feel better tomorrow so they can meet their last grandchild...if not, that will be kinda sad for us.

I have some So Sketchy! pages to share later on this, if I haven't come home yet to post them...make sure to check out the site all week -- there are some great sketches lined up again from Ally!

Will check in when I can.. :) Stay tuned for baby news!
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