Sunday, January 09, 2011

Mission #33

the MC is back this year with mission # 33 and our first mission of 2011 !!

This was hit home a lot for me right now.. the twist that Deborah chose this week was to use song lyrics from the Miley Cyrus song "The Climb". If you really listen to the song, or read the lyrics, it could be either uplifting or depressing

so, here is my page.. a tad depressing.. I don't do with with that concept at all. I like to believe I am a more uplifting person, but the topic I thought of for this page, depressed me!!

Maybe in the end it is more therapeutic. This marks a year of change for me. The smaller photo was taken a few weeks before I found out 2.5 years ago that I was pregnant with Addison. You can see how much weight I have gained since then- the larger photo was from Feb of 2010 and I am basically that size now.

Well, the page is done, my feelings are now documented and it wil be good for me to use this page to reflect on WHY I need to stay focused and remember that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

Hope when you play along you are inspired too!
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