Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jillibean Soup tutorial - Flashcards

Hello again! I am up on the Jillibean Soup blog today with another video/tutorial.

This time, it is all about being inspired by products and I am using some of the newest release from summer CHA - Cold Avocado Soup and one of my new favorites - flashcards!

Here are the projects I made for the tutorial:

Can you see how great the new Cold Avocado Soup is!!! Just check out those colours :) yummy!!

and if you want to watch it - just go HERE I have said it before - I am always looking for IDEAS ;) for upcoming videos... if there is something you wonder "how'd she do that"... doesn't have to be something I have done, even someone else is fine - we will give them credit!

SO...Check out the Jillibean Soup blog - and if you see something you want to know how to do - just leave me a comment and I will see what I can do!
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