Monday, July 21, 2014

Blogging dry spell

It's been 10 days since I last blogged. I honestly dont' recall the last time that happened. I guess you ge in a rut of sharing projects and just dont' feel like it! lol, that is me right now.

Summer is now in full swing, the kids are finally out of school, and into their summer programs and I am almost on holiday time! Our winter was atrocious and so I am looking forward to as much nice weather as possible.

I spent last weekend camping with the kids at a nearly provincial park. The weather was great for the most part - I managed to get some sun in.. can you tell:

There is a nice man made lake there and the kids enjoyed lots of swimming and beachy picnics too. Those are my favorite summer time moments. I love hitting the beach and just soaking in some family time - and wearing the kids out naturally :)

There was a major downside- mosquitoes - they were SO BAD!! I think I had at least 30 on my one foot from setting up our tent. I wore my flip flops for about 15 minutes and this was the result.

We are supposed to go camping again this weekend, but honestly the bugs were just so bad that we will likely cancel. It's only a 20 mins drive from our home to the lake, so we will likely just make a few day trips to the lake to swim instead of fighting the bugs. Sad but true.

When I arrived home last night, my August Cocoa Daisy kit was in the house!! I cracked it open to drool over all the goodies inside. Lots of great stuff in these kits this month. Will be posting my projects asap!

OK, I am off to do some work.. have to clean off my desk this week so I can start my 5 week vacation Friday !

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