Thursday, December 15, 2005

Out laws, who need 'em!

So, Ian calls his mother today to give her the address to the church for Lucas' baptism this if she couldn't look it up in the phone book herself...whatever, anyway, she ends up telling him she may not come. "Oh, it is kinda far, too early for me and there is such deep snow...." GIVE ME A BREAK! She hasn't seen him since birth--5 months ago,mind you that's 'cause we don't visit or allow her to visit us, but WTH! She is always making comments and sending letters about how she doesn't see the kids, and now she decides not to come?! Whatever...this is why she DRIVES ME CRAZY!

Good news is...stress free day on Sunday...unless of course she changes her mind. And that wouldn't surprise me at all....
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