Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tis the season

For some reason, this year I am much more festive than I have in the last few years...Maybe it is because it is Lucas' first Christmas, I don't know...I am sure on the ball this year. All our gifts ar bought, and wrapped and under the tree. All the baking is done, cards made and mailed. I even got the kids'
Christmas portraits taken at Sears...that's another entry entirely. LOL!

Yesterday, I decided to go ahead and create another shameless scrapbook moment and take pictures of the kids with a Santa hat on. Noah's turned out better than Lucas', but oh well, there is always next year to be equally as shameless!

Aren't my babies cute! One day, they will probably hate me for the constant pictures, but they'll get over it and eventually appreciate it!

Tonight I am off to the Holiday crop with the chicas I have been scrapping with...what a cool bunch of women. Glad that I met them, they are all so talented and unique in their own way. They have sure made me feel like a part of their little scrapping family, and I am honoured....ok, enough mushy talk!

Happy Holidays!
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