Thursday, January 19, 2006


I can't believe that it is almost Friday already...been a busy week in our house! Went out all day today, Noah had pre-school and then we all went to Nola's for a playdate with Emma, Mary and Sydney. Poor Noah, all girls....he is sick of playing with girls all the time...

Worked on my make n' take for the online crop this Saturday, likin' how it turned out! Hope everyone else does is just a good beginner thing...but a veteran can fix it up nice too!

Friday, we are finally going out with my 'friends' for my, gotta watch what I eat for sure...kinda having a rough one this week...really want sweets. I feel like I am really hungry all the time, but I am eating a lot! Ian says thatI am is always after 8pm when I get the munchies...but I have been busy every night this week, and I still wanna eat! AAuuggghhh! I will work it out...I am going to have to meal plan for a whole week next week, to see if that works.

Well, that is it for now...hey why aren't you posting a comment--you lurkers! LOL!

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