Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy Birthday ....

To one of my longest, and bestest friends...Jacquie! Wish you a great day today, and we miss you a lot here in Winnipeg....hope you can come at spring break, I would LOVE it!

No too bad of a day planned, just have my Dad's retirement party to go to at 5:00pm. Kim is making dinner for 15 of us...I offered to bring have to know my sister to appreciate the humour in that. Went over to her place on Friday to make a sign for the party, and the place was a disgusting mess--again. A brand new house and there is food, dog hair, crumbs...etc.. on the floor. house is 45 years old, and there is No food, maybe some dog hair (we vacumn 2x a week), and No crumbs on my floors. No dirty dishes in my sinks....I don't's like a house off C.O.P.S...KWIM? It makes me sick at any rate. My momma didn't raise us to be no slobs...LOL!

Did some scrapping for my challenge for the member crop I am hosting with Charlene. Won't post it until then, so hope everyone likes it...I think it is cute. Finished off another couple too, and I have to remember to take some pics. later and post in my gallery.

Anyways, I really should get some sleep while both kids are asleep and before Ian comes home from work to snore and wake me up...but I have a layout to finish first and then I will head to bed!

Have a great weekend all!
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