Sunday, January 08, 2006

The weekend is over!

Thank was a write off...not a whole lot accomplished.

We had the retirement party...Dad was surprised, when my stupid "barbie" aunt and her family came in the front door instead of waiting in the garage with everyone else...Dinner was good...ate too much--of course.
My BIl got a French Maid to come as a gag gift...sang Dad a song written about him from facts on a questionnaire we had to fill out before hand. It was hilarious and worth Dad does not embarass easily, so it was good.

Played Outburst and a DVD game about TV shows, etc...that is until my ignorant sister started to argue with my Aunt's new husband...we all don't care for him too much anyway, but is that how you treat a guest in your home...argue with him in front of the family over who is on what part of the gameboard? ! Argh...Got to bed at 2 am...including the kids...bad parents I know...

Then, today we went to the Grand MIL's 93rd (I think) birthday there late...that is OK, and waited arounds 45 minutes until we ate...not good if you have a 3 year old with you...then sat there while the MIL pranced around doing her slow down tactics to get us to stay longer. She took over 5 minutes to cut up pa 8" cake into 20 slices...didn't even know that was possible... then she started a brief arugment with me, 'cause I didn't want cake. Am I not allowed to make up my own mind!? Then, she got angry 'cause she didn't hold Lucas as we were leaving...she wanted to when Ian was trying to feed him his cereal and veggies at lunch time and he told he now was not a good time. Of course, as we are ALL in our jackets ready to go, she has to undress the kids for a picture...her way of stalling...then she asks Noah if he wants some money...what's he going to say..NO? He says yes, so off she goes for 5 mins. to get the .50 cents she finally gives him.

Anyways, as I am trying not to be negative, I will end this here on a good note.
I did manage a little scrapping Friday night and Saturday morning for my challenge for the online crop in a couple weeks. Won't post 'em now, 'cause you will just have to wait! LOL! Like anyone cares...!

Well, have a good one!
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