Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What is your middle name?

So, I was talking to a wonderful person last night, and I jokingly said that FUN was my middle name...and she said it would make a great blog topic....so here it is!

Fun, yeah that is my middle name. I like fun, who doesn't...fun is good, fun is happy....i like it when people are having a good time, as then in turn, so am I! If life is not fun, why bother! So, what is YOUR middle name and why? That is my blog question of the day? Oh, and c'mon out of hiding blog-lurkers, I know you are out there reading and not posting.....let the world see who you are! POST A COMMENT!

But, I digress....So, I got a few people asking me, if there was someone specifically I was talking about yesterday with the whole Pet Peeves thing....the answer is NO...they are simply my pet peeves. I have realized that there are alot of things that tick me off, and most of them are about people....how they interact with others shows a lot about who they are essentially. I suppose, I am niave to think that everyone is good at heart and that everyone always has someone's best interests at hand....not just their own.... I have learned a lot about people in the last few years....take this lady I work with for example. She is great, knows her job well, however is always trying to control what I do and pass HER agenda through me (as in get me to do things the way she wants, etc.). Anywhooo.....I have learned that I will make my own decisions, and do things the way that I want, because I am me, and no one else is. So, if we don't agree--that is OK, in my eyes at least....we are all different now aren't we? Wouldn't life be boring if we were all the same?

Well, hope that clears up that situation. Off to get ready for the day...packed for cropping tonight, and have to quickly eat something for lunch before I take Carissa her prize and then take Noah to playgroup.....Tuesdays are busy....

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