Monday, February 13, 2006

Can't believe it!

I can't believe that it has been 3 days since I updated this blog...bad blogger...bad. Truth is, I have been busy and not on the computer much this weekend.

Let's start with Friday, I went cropping with Nola and 2 of her friends on Friday night....Christy was there and she asked me to do her circle, I am honoured and stoked for that...AM I A GIRLY GIRL? Since that is the topic, I suppose I should figure it out quick so I can do the layout for the book!

Saturday started off as bit of a disaster....I went, against my will, with Ian and the kids to the convention centre to the Baby and Kids show...bad idea...I mean really bad idea. Well, we got our tickets and waited in line for 45 minutes to get in the doors, and when I realized that we weren't even half way through the line up AND the stupid convention centre had started an additional line up from NEW people that were coming in...I told Ian that this is crazy and get our money back....of course there are no now that we pumped up Noah to see the Max & Ruby show and play on the bouncey jumpy thing, goes Ian to scalp our tickets. Off to McDonald's we go. Came home and made a yummy, delicious chocolate cake for dessert--we went to my friend Elena's for dinner...homemade Italian dinner...they are both Italian...yummy.

Sunday, I went over to Nola's again for her Stampin' Up party....did well on the spending...I knew I would have to buy something, so I got a set of small inks as well as some diamond glaze and THE white pen. We will have to see how that turns out!

I did manage to get 6 layouts done as well as a little something else too this that was good!

Today, Noah and I made some heart shaped sugar cookies for playgroup and pre-school...and tomorrow, there are no big plans around this house...just dinner at home...maybe rent a movie or something seeing as we never do that either!

Anyway, enough blabbering...I am off to scrap some more! Gotta do some stuff for the crop that is coming up WAY to soon!

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