Friday, February 10, 2006


This week has flown by...and thanks to Vanessa, I was reminded to update my blog...thanks V.

Been busy, but not..kwim? I had a chance to get some scrapping done earlier in the week, but haven't the last few days. This has been a busy, busy week!

Tonight, I am going scrapping with my invisible scrapping friend, Nola. Looking forward to that...and I am in the mood, thanks to some stuff I got this week--*grin*!!! Tomorrow, I am going shopping for some stuff for the crop for Love Is In The Details that I am teaching and then we are off to a friend's place for dinner....Just found out she is has been trying FOREVER...since way before I was preggers with Noah, so I am totally stoked for them!

Then, Sunday, I am going over to Nola's for a Stampin' Up party and then just chill out at home....can't wait for that! I have been out and about ALL is good to be busy, but I am still stuffed up and coughing a little, so I think I could use the rest!

On another note, Vanessa had to go and make a super cool banner for her blog, and of course, I am completely jealous! Now, I want one! My Dad had given me a copy of Photoshop CS, just before they went on their cruise, and I have been putting off trying it...scrapping too much! BUT, now I want to test it out! So, maybe once I am finished with the stuff for the crop and another special project I am working on...I will make time!

As for my parents, they come back soon...thank god....4 more sleeps till the dog/ back at their house! She has been better, but the barking is driving me bonkers!

And finally....CONGRATULATIONS to Wanda and her DH on the birth of their beautiful baby girl Eira! Can't wait to see her in person! Hope you are doing well Wanda!

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