Saturday, July 15, 2006

Busy, busy

It is good to be busy, but sometimes it feels like summer always speeds up life, kwim?

Got a busy weekend planned, last night we went over to Glenda's for her birthday and played some and Ian in the top 3--cool. I think the poker clan is getting tired of both of us always being in the top group. They think we practice. I just pay attention. I am not good at all, just lucky, although Ian (I think anyways) is pretty good. Quiet guy, so they have a hard time reading him. Oh well!

Today we are going to Ian's cousins wedding. Should be such a joy. NOT. Of course any day I have to spend with the evil MIL is unpleasant. Why can't she just leave us alone. It is tough for Ian, cause we can never enjoy a family event of his. Brutal. I know sometimes I should just get over it and let it all go, but I really can't. I think sometimes things can't always be forgiven and forgotten that easily. I know that it is selfish to keep harbouring these bitter feelings towards her, but part of me is selfish still...maybe one day I will grow up and that will change.

Anyways, tomorrow I am finally making some time to SCRAP ! I feel like it has been sooooo long, I really need it. Good thing is next weekend, I am going scrapping again with the Marshmallow Gang. Need that too. Don't have enough girl-time, so this is my outlet! And the chickas rock them.

So, check in next week for the next continuing saga in my boring slice of life.

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